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Blogs drive website traffic. Good content is the best way to promote your German auto repair services and attract new customers. While blogging takes a lot of work, your team has the expertise to develop excellent blog content that is relevant, helpful and SEO-driving to help grow your business. Here’s why your German auto repair shop needs a website blog.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Blogging builds content on your website that helps search engines find you. In turn, it helps new customers find you. The more new, relevant content you create, the more you feed search engines with the info they need to find you. This helps improve your ranking so you can create organic traffic to your website.

More Content for Social Media

If you don’t have a blog, hopefully, you at least use social media. The beauty of blogging is that it continues to generate interesting, new information easy to share on social media. A new blog is a new post for your social media with high-value content people will enjoy. You get to double your pleasure because you create information that works hard for you as website content and as social posts.

More Conversions

The more traffic you send to your website, the more you’ll attract new customers. Your blog answers questions that tell your customers they need the services you provide. Information is power. You teach drivers to recognize when their cars need attention, as well as how your maintenance services help their cars run more efficiently to avoid the need for costly repairs. Your blogs are one more place for a call to action to encourage drivers to reach out and book an appointment, request information, or set up a diagnostic.

Local Authority

As a local German auto repair shop, people might know you exist by simply driving by. However, they don’t know whether you can be trusted. Blogs help establish you as a local authority in auto repair, and even better, an authority specific to German makes and models. When drivers read about their own cars and common issues they face, they realize you are not just an auto repair shop, but an expert who can protect their asset and keep them safe on the road. In fact, you can position your blogs, so they read like stories from your own team, so people see they are dealing with experts who know what they are doing.

A Trail of Linked Information

As you build your blog content you can also build linksGoogle uses your website links to scan your site. It helps create a logical trail of information based on keywords. These links also create an easier navigation trail for your visitors, who can find more and more detailed information as they click the links provided. However, your content might also help attract attention from other local companies who might decide to link to your site. External links are huge boosts to your ranking as they help establish authority. None of this happens without a blog.

Ongoing Results

Blogs continue to live on, generating new leads day after day. Because your content is always there to answer questions, your efforts pay off big time over and over again. The more information you provide that ties back to your auto repair services, the more value your content brings to potential customers. You can also get even more views using your blog and social media together. Your blog continues to work for years to come for impressive ROI for your time. The more content you share via blogs, the more your potential for growth expands.

Telling a Story

Your blog tells a story about your services, your knowledge, your business, your accomplishments, your team and even your community efforts. You are the storyteller and choose what type of stories you want to tell. Just completed a session of training? Write about it on your blog. Did your team participate in a local food drive? Let your community know. Did you resolve a particular issue for a customer?

Tell people about it. Save someone a ton of money? Explain how. You can even get folksier, with stories about a team barbecue, hiring a new mechanic, or a truly unique experience like skydiving on vacation. You always share information about your services, but little stories of a more personal nature say a lot about your brand. That helps build trust in the community.

A blog helps you enjoy more website traffic to generate leads and create a stronger presence in your community. Now that you know the benefits of blogging, let’s get started with yours! Schedule a call with us today.

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