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Your German auto repair shop’s Facebook account is a highly effective mode of marketing. However, as a local business, you need to remain active on your Facebook account using a social media strategy. Here we explain how you can use Facebook for digital marketing to increase your reach and establish your expertise.

Set Up Your Business Page

Facebook provides a free marketing tool with a quick and easy account setup. You simply walk through each step, complete the information requested in detail, and provide a compelling, clear explanation about what you offer. Activate Facebook Messenger so visitors and followers can reach you, and you are ready to leverage your account to reach more customers.

Use Images for Impact

Your business is active with a team of experts performing repairs day in and day out. Images of your team in action show you run a successful business with a team who knows what they are doing. You can take close-ups of problems they discover, explain why it is a problem and encourage customers to schedule maintenance checks. You can show before and after images and, if customers are willing, pictures of them interacting with your team. Keep privacy in mind, and never show a license plate in the shots or include customers without permission.

Add Videos

Your goal is to instill confidence by sharing stories about how you help customers stay safe. Don’t forget to include videos with your team performing repairs, and include your shop, such as your tire and parts storage, to show you are always ready to make quick replacements, your smiling customer service team behind the counter or a video tour of your entire shop. Videos show you run a clean, well-maintained shop and are ready to meet the needs of your customers.

Keep Posting & Active

Facebook is intended to remain dynamic. Therefore, stale posts turn people off. Also, your Facebook account isn’t just about posts but also about engaging with customers. Answer questions, respond to comments, and make sure you are creating opportunities to interact. You might ask questions or take polls, for example. And always respond to complaints immediately to show you stand behind your work.

Keep It Original

Social media provides a channel to create brand awareness. Your brand personality should always be consistent with the same tone and manner. Keep things topical to your industry and be sure each post is original. To reduce effort, leverage other content, such as sharing your latest blog post or YouTube video.

You can also share industry news about new hybrid vehicles or fun posts like images of a souped-up Golf or BMW. Don’t forget to share local and community news, whether it is a nearby auto show, charity events, or news about the kids’ baseball team you sponsor. Improve your post engagement by using Facebook’s Insights tool to see how your posts perform.

Promote and Motivate

Design your posts and images to promote your business and motivate followers to take action. Include buttons for CTAs and make it easy for people to contact you. This is the perfect channel to create exclusive offers and promotions available to followers.

How Can German Repair Shops Use Facebook For Their Marketing

Setting up your Facebook account is free and easy, offering you an affordable marketing channel to connect with people. We have just the team to help you with your Facebook presence! Schedule a call with us today.

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