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Frequently Asked

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.


How long does it take to build a new website?
It normally takes about 3-4 weeks to complete a website depending on how many pages there will be as well as other factors including mockup approval, images and content creation.
Where will my website be hosted?
The website will be hosted in your own hosting account ie Godaddy where you have complete control of it.
Will I own my website once it is completed and live?
Yes you will own your website outright including content, images, design files and database.
What platform will my website be built on?
All of our websites are built on the WordPress platform which is the most Google friendly platform which allows anyone to easily login the backend of the site and make changes to text or images.
Can I use my existing website with your services or do I have to have a new one built?
Yes, if your website is on the newer side and built on the WordPress platform we can usually use it and update it using our best practices. This would be included in the monthly fee and there will be no extra charge for it as we need a website that will convert well otherwise it’s not worth sending traffic to if it will not generate a phone call or email form.
Do you only work with German or European auto repair shops?
Yes 95% of our clients are German or European repair shops located nationwide but we occasionally will get a referral, from a shop, in another industry and if we feel we can help them we will.
How long have you been in business for?
We have been helping German and European repair shops grow their business for over 8 years now.
How does German Repair Shop Marketing compare to other automotive marketing companies?
We are the only marketing company that specializes in German repair shops and we know exactly what it takes, such as which keywords to target, what websites to link to, or what type of content to write, to get quick long lasting results.
General automotive marketing companies target generic keywords such as auto repair, write general automotive blogs, push out generic themed social media posts, or setup Google Adwords accounts targeting general automotive keywords that produce calls from people that do not own the types of cars that you service.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No we are strictly performance based and use a monthly agreement allowing you to stop service at any time.
How long does it normally take to see results?
You will normally see results within weeks especially in the Google My business section of the searches and then organic rankings within 30 days or less.
How do I know what you are doing is working?
We setup a live dashboard that you have complete access to which will include dynamic call tracking to show phone calls that come in, form submissions from your website, search traffic including which platform the traffic is coming from ie. Google, Yelp, Facebook, or Yahoo.
In addition, you will receive a monthly keyword ranking report and dashboard snapshot showing you where your business stands compared to the previous month but most importantly the new customers that come in will usually tell you they found you on Google.
How many keywords are you able to target for local search engine optimization?
We are able to target up to 100 keywords whereas most marketing companies will only use 25 keywords and target the city that your shop is located in this allows us to go after your surrounding cities which generates more website traffic, phone calls and new customers.
How are you able to give a 60 day money back guarantee?
Since we specialize in German repair shops we have compiled a list of best practices over the last 8 years which allows us to know exactly what it takes to get quick real results within weeks and not months.
Do you take multiple clients per city?
No we will only take 1 client per smaller city or in larger cities we will only take shops that are at least 5 miles apart so we do not compete against ourselves.
Is the content you use for the website or blogs unique or do you use the same content for all of your clients shops?
We write new unique content for each client for their website, blogs, or social posting as Google knows when you are using duplicate content and will penalize your website making it very difficult to get good rankings.

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