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As a German auto repair shop, you might not think of customer generation in terms of leads. You might even think the idea of leads is limited to certain types of business, not a small business like yours. However, leads are simply people who would be interested in your services, and therefore generating leads is still something you need to do. Here we offer tips on how you can generate leads for your German auto repair shop to help drum up more business.

Draw Them In with an Offer

Consider something that will have a perceived value to your ideal customers. What can you use as a lead magnet that can attract people to your business so you can get their information to keep in touch? Come up with an offer that requires leads to enter their email address in order to access the offer. It can be a coupon, a quiz to find out if they need repairs, or a free step-by-step guide to do something like add pressure to their tires.

You provide something of value and they provide something of value in return: their contact information. From there you can use their contact info to share information such as reminders to change their oil, schedule maintenance or have their tires changed before winter. To choose the right magnet consider the following:

  • What will customers find useful?
  • What is a common problem your offer might help resolve?
  • Is it relevant to your ideal target?
  • Does it provide useful information?

These are the key considerations to choose something that will help instill trust and make them want more information of equal value from you.

Advertise Your Offer

When you find an offer of value, you’ll need to help people find it. You can promote your offer using a number of digital marketing channels including:

  • Social Media Ads: Social media advertising campaigns help you zero in on your ideal target. As a result, you reach more high-quality leads likely to be intrigued by your offer.
  • SEO Ads: Search engine advertising campaigns run on Google reach the people searching for services like yours. This provides an ideal target you can send to your landing page to download your offer.

These are the two most effective and affordable ways to advertise. However, there are other digital marketing methods including industry blogs, online magazines, German car or auto events, etc. The key is to create the right promotion and use channels likely to reach your ideal audience.

Generate Organic Leads

Ideally, when you invest in ads like those mentioned above you boost interest by increasing leads organically. Therefore you need to focus on content creation. There are two categories of content:

  • Macro Content: Also known as long-form content this would include blogs, but can also be more involved such as videos or podcasts.
  • Micro-content: As the name implies these are smaller tastes of content that can include social media posts that use quotes, links, memes, interesting stats, etc.

When you combine these two types of content you boost your SEO making it easier for search engines like Google to find you. As a result, you can rise up the rankings, so your customers find you when running a search for a German auto repair shop. To improve SEO be sure to use keywords for the titles of your YouTube videos as well as in your social media posts to attract people to your content.

Nurture Leads

As you collect contacts and build momentum, you need to keep nurturing leads. Your content is a good base to engage prospects and keep them interested in your brand. You help establish trust, which as you know is key to your German auto repair shop. By offering ongoing advice about car care, sharing posts about safe driving, adding videos that show off a car’s agility, sharing information about upcoming local events, etc. you start to develop a relationship.

German Auto Repair Shop Social Media AD

You can then create drip campaigns sharing interesting emails with offers, reminders, news and more that help nurture leads and turn them into customers. Making leads feel special by sharing exclusive tips and offers with them helps optimize your efforts and see more conversions.

To create lead generation you need a strong lure to draw them in, advertising to help them find you, engaging content to boost organic leads and a strategy to nurture leads into conversions. In other words, you need a complete digital marketing strategy.

When it comes to generating leads for your German auto repair shop, we are happy to make it easy for you. Contact our team today to get started!

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