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Email marketing offers your German auto repair shop the opportunity to increase your average repair order (ARO). Here we offer tips to use email marketing to your advantage as a crucial element of your digital marketing strategy.

1. Mention Your Services

Because your auto shop specializes in German auto repair, it is important to let people know exactly what that entails. You can use email to introduce your services to new customers and why those services are so important. For example, you can create an email such as “Check Engine Light On? Here’s What to Do.” The goal is to bring attention to your services so your customers think of you for all their auto repair needs.

2. Educate Customers

Email is a great educational tool. You can cover new topics each week either based on the time of year, i.e. Time to swap out your tires in the fall/spring, or based on recommended timing such as oil changes or brake checks.

How Can German Auto Repair Shop Owners Use Email Marketing to Their Advantage

3. Use Customer Segmentation

Use customer segmentation to recommend certain services. For example, reminders can be sent out by targeting customers based on when they had their last oil change, wheel alignment, brake assessment, or their vehicle model’s recommended maintenance schedule.

4. Service and Product Updates

Informing customers about new services and products encourages them to make purchases or book service appointments. Whether you have new state-of-the-art diagnosis or wheel alignment equipment, offer brake services, or sell new accessories or tires, an email with a compelling subject line, clear information about your news, and a call to action can help increase ARO.

5. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs for things like oil changes keep people on track to schedule their services appointments when they are due. You can use thresholds to trigger timing based on a certain number of services or a certain minimum spend. Once customers reach these thresholds, you can email them to let them know they qualify for free services or discounts based on your loyalty program.

6. Create a Sense of Urgency

Your services help keep vehicles safe and running efficiently. Therefore, you can use emails to create a sense of urgency based on time-sensitive services, whether it is brake checks, proper tires, oil changes, etc. Explaining the consequences of not scheduling the service now and generally not keeping up with a regular vehicle maintenance schedule can encourage people to book now. When drivers understand they can face more costly repairs and replacements down the line while reducing risks of breakdowns or accidents, they are more likely to act.

7. Upsell and Cross Sell

When someone schedules an appointment or makes a purchase, use that transaction to upsell or cross-sell items and services. Someone coming in for an oil change might be due for a wheel alignment, or maybe you have a sale they can take advantage of while they are there. Emails recommending relevant products and services to customers ensure their vehicles operate at peak performance while greatly increasing ARO. It’s a win-win.

Sending E-mails To German Car Owners

Email marketing for your German auto repair shop is much easier when you know the type of information that helps increase ARO.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Our experts will make it easy for you!

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