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Although you might think once your German repair shop website is up, that’s all you need to do to attract customers, but the truth is websites age and become less relevant over time. As a result, if you want to remain one step ahead of the competition, you need to optimize your website and online presence continuously. What is the best way to do that? A web presence audit. Here we explain what a web presence audit is and the many benefits it offers to your digital marketing strategy.

What is the Purpose of a Web Presence Audit?

Your web presence determines important details, such as how easy it is to find you and how effective your website is once someone arrives. A web presence audit provides an in-depth analysis of your website’s function and how it impacts user experience. It looks at two things:

1. Content

Content considers the elements of your website and how well each element does its job. It answers important questions such as:

  • Does your homepage identify a problem or benefit your visitors are likely to have?
  • Does it resonate with your target customer?
  • Do visitors see trust elements like reviews, client logos, or association badges?
  • Is there a blog with evergreen and recent posts?
  • Does your home page have 300-400 words to make it SEO-friendly?
  • Are you using calls to action wisely?
  • Do you have social network icons on-page?
  • Is your website responsive to mobile devices?
  • Does your website have pages for the German brands you service?
  • Do you have individual service pages so people know everything you offer?

Content Audit Covers Areas Like

2. Audience & SEO

The audience and SEO audit determine how well you meet the needs of your audience and the effectiveness of your SEO. It answers important questions such as:

  • Are you capturing emails with well-positioned calls to action?
  • Are you using SEO-friendly headlines?
  • How is your website traffic?
  • How does your website compare to the local competition?
  • Are you using the correct title tags and meta descriptions?
  • Is your website fast enough across all devices?
  • Where do you rank compared to the competition?
  • Do all the pages and links on your website function?
  • Is your website secure?

Audience And SEO Audit Covers Areas Like

As you can see, a web presence audit is quite thorough, which is why you need one as part of your local marketing efforts.

Revisit Your Brand

As your business grows, you might start to change your point of view as you begin to understand your customers. When you audit your website, you can revisit your earlier brand values and find opportunities to align them more effectively with not just your business objectives but also your key customers. You’ll discover how customers interact with your brand so you can improve the customer experience from the point of discovery right through to the completion of their repairs or maintenance. This understanding also allows you to improve your content to meet visitors’ needs.

Outsmart the Competition

Becoming more intimate with your own website allows you to see how well it stacks up to the competition. You can audit yours and use that information to compare it to other sites to leverage their weaknesses.

SEO Checkup

An analysis of your search visibility tells you a lot about your website’s technical performance. Since Google has gained an appreciation for not only content but user experience, search engines judge your site on things like responsiveness to devices and fast-loading pages. With constantly changing algorithms, you can find your site dropping on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). An audit tells you where you need to improve your performance and increase your ranking.

A web presence audit is part of the ongoing process that keeps your presence alive. A website is not a set-it-and-forget-it kind of deal. Instead, you have to continue to develop and manage your presence, so you keep up with SEO best practices, improve website functionality and, in turn, provide a more satisfying user experience.

Let our marketing experts go to work making sure your website and web presence are where they need to be!

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