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Websites are a given today for any local business. However, when it comes to German auto repair shops a basic website is not enough. German auto repair shops require a responsive website to better meet the needs of their customers. Responsive web design ensures the website is easy to view regardless of the device used.

Since your customers might be stranded by the side of the road, trying to find an auto repair shop on their cell phone, responsive design is crucial to improving your customers’ experience. However, it also ensures whether it is a tablet, laptop, or desktop, the experience is just as impressive.

Here we explain why having a responsive website is so important for your German auto shop.

Why Having A Responsive Website Is So Important For Your German Auto Shop

You Get More Traffic From Stranded Drivers

No doubt, despite most people having mobile phones and using them to conduct searches, as an auto repair shop there is an increased chance your customers will be using a mobile device. As a local business, you want a responsive website that will cater to the “near me” search by stranded drivers in need of help now.

A quick to load, easy to view website during their time of need might not even register in their stressed-out state. However, what it will do is allow them to reach out quickly. If your site is unresponsive and difficult to use, they will go back to the search results to find a company that can help them faster.

Local Search Engines Prefer Responsive Designs

Responsive websites rank higher in search results because they offer a better user experience. Search engines love that and will give preference to websites that improve user experience. High-quality content in hand with responsive design increases dwell time on your pages because people are less likely to leave out of frustration.

Google highly recommends responsive design because it makes their users happy, and regardless of what device their users perform their searches on, they will find a website that is easy to use. This provides a boost to your SEO efforts.

Easier to Maintain

If you have invested in one website for mobile and another for “everything else” it is costing you far too much money. Websites are the base of your digital marketing and should be affordable. Responsive websites are much more affordable because they are low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about updating two websites. Instead, you just have one website design catering to all visitors. Although you do invest a bit more upfront, the life of the website and ongoing maintenance pays off very quickly.

Easier to Create Tailor-Made Content and Services Pages

Building on the above easy maintenance idea, with one website you can tailor content to improve your local SEO. Having location-based service pages allows you to attract more “near me” searches. When someone searches for German Auto shops (Your location), you’ll have a better chance of popping up than if you just have generic pages for each of your services. Location-based service pages or even location-based offers are an excellent addition to your local SEO tactics.

Everyone is Happy

Websites without responsive design are sure to let someone down. Responsive design ensures navigation works easily on every device, that images are not distorted and that bullets, numbered lists, and all text is perfectly aligned. Scrolling is a breeze and people don’t have to try to flip their phones or blow pages up with their fingers to get a better look.

Regardless of what device someone uses everyone is happy to keep browsing your site, learn more about your services, and fill out your contact form because everything appears to be “working” as it should.

German Auto Repair Shop Responsive Website Planning

Your Competitors are Doing It

You need to be better than your competition at helping customers. That means having an easy-to-use website. If your competitors are doing it, they are likely outranking you for local searches. If they aren’t, and your site fails to serve up perfectly aligned, easy-to-read pages, your visitors will abort and find their way to your competition’s site anyway. Your pages need to be the easiest, most professional, and quickest to load if you want to outrank the competition.

Responsive websites have all the answers telling customers where you are located when you are open, and how to contact you. This instills trust and leads to more scheduled appointments and increased profits.

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