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German repair shops work within a unique niche of the automotive industry. To target the customers who need your services and increase traffic to your site, SEO is key.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the optimizing of your webpage to better fit the algorithm of search engines like Google. When Google lists websites in a search result page, they are ordered from top to bottom by most relevant to the search query. This means, your German repair shop could be farther down the page than a competing European auto shop. Improving your SEO pushes your link closer to the top so consumers find you more easily.

At German Repair Shop Marketing, we focus on shops like yours and the digital footprint you create. Our digital marketing team can help you by pinpointing any holes in your current SEO strategies, and by implementing new ones.

What Impacts Google Rank?

While Google’s algorithm gets more complicated with each update, there are a few factors that always impact your rank online. This includes on-page and off-page SEO.

Some of the things that play a role in your SERP rank include:

  • Code quality
  • Site structure and navigation
  • Loading speed
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Content quality and length
  • Links to and from other websites
  • Consumer engagement on-site and through social media

Things That Play A Role In Your SERP Rank

Research shows that online users aren’t willing to look far for a link. In fact, most consumers will never scroll past the third listing on a SERP, and even fewer will bother checking the next page of results. This makes it imperative that your German repair shop be listed in the top listed links.

The Organic Trend

Everything from vegetables to bottled water is being labelled organic, so it comes as no surprise that Google also favors organic search results. But what exactly is organic search?

In the culinary world, the term organic refers to products that have been untainted by chemicals, hormones, or fertilizer. Similarly, in web traffic, organic search is natural. There are two main types of search engine results, paid and organic.

Paid results appear as advertisements because a company has paid Google to place their link in a visible location on the results page. Organic results appear based on your website’s relevancy, ease of use, accessibility, and several other factors within Google’s algorithm. Organic search is favored because it keeps consumers onsite longer and ensures they find what they are looking for.

Optimizing with Keywords

If you’ve been researching SEO for your German repair shop, chances are you’ve stumbled across something to do with keywords. Keywords are terms or phrases which relate to your website and business, and which a consumer may use in their search query. For example, if you own a German auto shop in Los Angeles, California, you might choose keywords like:

  • German repair
  • German auto
  • LA German auto shop
  • LA German car repair

You choose your keywords by first researching your target audience, competitors and Google’s current available keywords. Once you know which to use, you need to get strategic about placing them in copy and content.

Keyword stuffing is tempting, but a no-no. Stuffing implies you are using too many keywords in one space, which causes them to appear forced and reduces the quality of your copy. Rather than filling your website and blog to overflowing with keywords in the hope it will draw customers, find ways to fit these terms and phrases into your copy naturally.

You can also use keywords in your website URLs, meta descriptions and titles, social media content, and blogs.

Create a Virtual Presence Customers Can Trust

Your online reputation is everything. Not only to those seeking your service, but to Google when your site gets ranked online.

Online reviews and ratings are a great way to get noticed and show search engines you are an authority in your field. Customer reviews are a form of engagement, which offer feedback from previous clients to your German repair shop. You can feature these reviews on your website, and through multiple third-party review sites like Yelp and Google My Business.

German Auto Shop Review Management

Working with a digital marketing professional, you can receive experienced reputation management services to improve your online presence and get noticed.

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