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Being a German repair shop, your business is among a select group of high-quality product and service providers in the automotive field. This means the digital marketing efforts you make should also be bespoke to your business strategy. While many marketing companies structure campaigns generically, Outreach German Repair Shop Marketing work closely with clients to develop a tailored approach to SEO, local search advertising and more.

Here, we will discuss some of the top strategies for German auto shops this year, and how to use them to best benefit your brand and business.

Become Part of the Review Marketing Movement

The modern consumer is educated, which means they are looking for products and services which speak to them on a higher level than the general impulse buy. For consumers seeking expensive luxury brands, such as German vehicles especially, you will find that shoppers are doing their homework before investing in a product or a repair shop. So, what can you do to prove yourself?

No matter how much experience you have in your field, you can use previous client reviews to your advantage. The review marketing movement is huge, and many consumers are making efforts to avoid companies without reviews to check before buying. There are a few things to consider as you begin your foray into review marketing.

1. You need to be transparent

Reviews aren’t always 5-stars, but you can impress your clients by showcasing your flaws. How? Reply to those comments and be sure to rectify any situation which was the fault of your staff or business. If the negative review is out of your hands, a polite reply still goes a long way to show future customers that there is a real person behind the brand and you care about the consumers you serve.

2. Showcase the top reviews

While you shouldn’t hide bad reviews from your customers, you can put your favorite reviews front and center. Pinning or showcasing the best reviews shows future customers why other consumers have chosen your brand and the advantages they gained by working with you.

3. Be real

The main reason consumers want to see reviews is to know that you can be trusted. For anybody in the auto shop industry, this is especially important. Too many consumers have negative experiences with dealerships and used car sales. Show them you are different, and that you are real by engaging them with real-life accounts from your current and past customers.

Reviews are a great way to get your brand out there, and the best way to land a review is to ask for it. Don’t be afraid to tell a happy customer that you would love some feedback. You can also direct new and past clients to your review page with links on social media and your website.

Go Local to Get Local Results

Local search marketing is huge right now. Why? Because it helps consumers in your area find businesses nearby. Being listed in local search databases like Google my Business improves SEO for local searches, increasing your search rank and encouraging more local customers to visit your website and store.

The key to successful local search is consistency and coverage. Consistency means posting relevant content regularly so that your name remains visible and coverage meaning the way your content impacts its recipient.

Local search has become so much more than a small pile of metadata on a local search engine. If you list your business with GMB, for example, you can now post content, pictures, videos, and more, drawing in customers much the way you would through social media.

You Get What You Pay For

Paid advertising has long been a tradition within the automotive industry. From keywords to paid video, and beyond, it is a multifaceted marketplace. Paid ads are beneficial to local German auto retailers because they target a specific audience, taking much of the guesswork out of your digital marketing campaign. Paid ads work across a variety of platforms, from your website to Google, to social media accounts like Facebook.

Paid ads can be honed and tailored to specific demographics, locations, or shopping patterns. You might be surprised to find that some paid ads will detect individuals who have been car shopping online already – thus making your search for new customers easier.

German Auto Shop Review Marketing

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