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YouTube tends to send mixed messages to business owners. On the one hand, it is the channel that launched the careers of many a pop star and generated millions of views for videos featuring everything from laughing babies to cats. On the other, it is also the birthplace of tens of thousands of thought leaders in a wide range of industries.

So while it might seem more of a tool for people wanting to make it big, the thing all videos have in common is that they draw attention. That’s the main reason your German auto repair shop can benefit from using YouTube. However, there is more to YouTube than drawing attention. Here’s how you can use YouTube marketing as a key tactic for your digital marketing strategy.

How Using YouTube Benefits Your German Auto Repair Shop

More Traffic to Your Site and Shop

That attention-drawing factor is what helps drive more traffic to both your website and auto repair shop. While a very small segment of the over billion users is your ideal customer, it is the sheer volume of people turning to YouTube that indicates the opportunity to reach that segment.

Combine this with the fact that YouTube is so cost-effective, the math speaks for itself. YouTube reaches more people faster and for less money than pretty much any other channel. With 81% of businesses choosing video as their marketing tool of choice, what might have seemed too trendy for the average small business owner, has become a trusted marketing tool.

Best Way to Share Your Knowledge of German Makes and Models

You might be avoiding the whole video idea because you feel you just don’t have enough “personality” to contribute much to viewers. However, it is the best way to share your knowledge of German vehicles. You don’t even have to show your face if you feel uncomfortable at first.

Your hands can guide people through the common issues their vehicles might encounter, with a “popping the hood” approach. These types of explainer or training videos can walk customers through troubleshooting methods as well as demonstrations on how to do something such as changing the oil. Another way to use video is by sharing customer stories.

It might be how you saved a life by finding something wrong with the brakes, or how you were able to order a difficult-to-find part for their classic Volkswagen Golf MK1, 1974 – 1983. Either way, knowledge is your strength so you should be leveraging it to attract more customers.

Video is Shareworthy

You don’t have to set your goals too high to out-view finger-biting kids or music videos. Your goal is to develop a formula that works for you and your target audience. You don’t have to think big, but instead, think real. In other words, how can you be authentic and deliver a clear message about your skills, honesty and commitment? What will your little segment respond to most? What are the types of things that they might choose to share? Which of your blogs see the best responses?

Can you embed a how-to video into that blog to make it even more informative? Or can you create a video based on the same content to post to YouTube? How can you deliver value to your customers, so they see your value and understand why they need you? Although a video about auto repairs isn’t going to appeal to everyone, you’d be surprised at how anyone with an interest in German vehicles can be enthused about a video featuring the cars they love. It’s that passion that you can leverage to make your video shareworthy in their eyes.

Boost Your SEO and Marketing ROI

You have to think in terms of the best ROI for your efforts. The beauty of video and YouTube marketing is that is so cost-effective once you get the hang of it. When you add video to your digital marketing strategy, you’ll soon see how quickly it becomes an asset and helps boost your overall SEO efforts.

Google ranks websites with video content higher, so it becomes a must for any SEO strategy. Your video is not just posted on YouTube. You can use it to generate more attention on social channels and your website. Video is valuable content that helps SEO and improves your ROI in several ways including:

  • Building more backlinks
  • Reducing bounce rates because it takes longer to watch a video than to read
  • Ranking in Google’s suggested videos above organic results

How Does Video Help SEO & Improve Your ROI

You get more bang for your buck and effort using YouTube marketing because it has more legs for your content, helps boost your SEO, and also builds credibility as a bonus.

We specialize in video marketing and can help your business get the most from YouTube. Schedule a free call with us to discuss your options.

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