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Customer experience and marketing efforts can often go hand-in-hand. With alignment between the services and experience you’re offering and what you’re advertising, your European auto shop can convey a strong, attractive brand presence.

The connection between marketing and customer experience doesn’t just end with the messaging, however. In fact, customer service functions can also act as a sales and marketing tactic that champions your business, bring in more leads and, ultimately, lead to customer success.

Benefits of Live Chat for Customers

At every touchpoint, you as a German auto shop have the opportunity to create a customer experience that leaves customers with the answers they’re looking for and a new positive perspective on your ability to help them.


Live chat is an attractive function for many potential customers on your German auto shop website as it can be easier to engage with a representative in real-time since the customer is already online. This ensures that you can connect with customers through another method of communication, so you can cater to all preferences: chat, email and phone.

Quick Answers

Live chat is ideally monitored in real-time. Even as a small business, this can be possible but having your frontline staff, such as a receptionist, monitor this throughout the day. What this means to the customer is that they can get answers faster from a real representative than turning to another website just because they can find the answer on your page.

Live Chat and Sales

In the end, your business objective is related to increasing traffic to your European auto shop and generating new leads for your small business on a consistent basis. Luckily, live chat lends itself to great selling opportunities with customers that are already looking for answers.

According to the American Marketing Association, live chat increases conversions by 20%. Live chat helps to answer customer questions and objections to the services that you provide. In this way, live chat has the ability to demonstrate to your customer that you are knowledgeable, helpful and a good candidate for their business. A customer that is more satisfied and confident in you is a strong lead worth nurturing through live chat.

In fact, the American Marketing Association also suggests that live chat is the most effective throughout two customer cycle stages: the conversion to sales prospects and the post-sales customer education and engagement.

Live Chat and SEO

These two marketing tactics – live chat and SEO – might not be an obvious pair, but surprisingly a live chat function has the ability to improve your website’s SEO ranking, if done properly.

When it comes to website ranking in Google searches, websites that are on-topic with their SEO keywords, are easy to use and have mobile friendly and responsive design are rewarded with a better ranking. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why the location of your live chat buttons and how easily accessible they are to the visitor will have an effect on website ranking.

Further, fast loading when a visitor is accessing your site is also important for better website ranking. This means ensuring that your photos are web-ready and aren’t too large while still maintaining their resolution.

With all these SEO considerations in mind, making the most of your live chat capabilities can not only improve your customer experience, but also contribute to your marketing efforts as a European auto shop.

Making the Most of Customer Questions

On the topic of SEO, live chat has another interesting part to play in your digital strategy. While most companies don’t save their live chat conversations, it can actually be beneficial and even save you time to save customer conversations and utilize their questions and comments for content on your website. Most commonly, companies will take direct customer questions and post the questions with answers on their Frequently Asked Questions page. Not only does this save you time in helping your customers, but this also contributes to valuable, useful SEO content with the opportunity to include keywords.

Live Chat and Your Digital Strategy

Your European auto shop can significantly benefit from German Auto Shop using live chat to generate and nurture leads. To learn more about live chat capabilities and how to get it up and running, call or email us today! We will provide your small business with a detailed report on where your company’s online marketing strategy stands and what features can be implemented to elevate your digital tactics. Learn more and contact us here.

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