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Every small business owner knows that any good company is made up of good employees. But if you’re finding it hard to carve out some to sit down with a stack of resumes and applications, you should invest in an easy-to-use tool right at your disposal that will help you pick the perfect candidate.

European auto repair/service shop owners will be shocked to know that LinkedIn is their best bet for finding the perfect fit for their technician position. Here’s how to use the website to make the whole hiring process the smoothest it can be so you can get back to what matters – running your business!

Make Your Profile Look Great

One of the best online marketing tactics a business can have is presenting itself as a reputable service. Even though your German auto repair/service may do the best job in the city at fixing cars, no potential employee is going to want to work for you if your business doesn’t appear as professional online as it is in person.

To do this, treat your repair shop’s LinkedIn profile like you would a website. That means uploading a good looking banner, making the profile picture your company’s logo, and putting relevant and up-to-date contact information right on the front so people can access it. Consider hiring someone to do your shop’s social media and to post and engage with posts on the platform.

All of this gives your business a professional and modern look that will make technician applicants who look you up want to work for you even more.

Search For Candidates Using Strategic Keywords

Every SEO company knows the value of structuring your website’s content around the right keywords, so why should European auto repair/service shops be any different? Optimize your LinkedIn searches to find the perfect candidate for the technician role you’re looking to fill by searching for keywords that fit the position.

These keywords are your tools to filter candidates by searching for skills, job titles, and previous employers. For example, if your German auto repair/service business mainly deals with Volkswagen cars, you might input into LinkedIn’s search tool that you’re looking for a person who’s experienced in working on Volkswagens.

Use Keywords In Your Own Profile

Careerbuilder says that 72% of people would rather speak to a recruiter or hiring manager before applying for a job. This makes total sense, but it also leads you to assume that people aren’t going to apply for the position if they can’t reach out and talk to you. Part of opening up that essential line of communication is figuring out how you can get your LinkedIn to reach the people you want so that you can start talking about next career steps.

Make your business page stand out to technicians by using the right keywords. Use industry lingo that they’d know and search for, like “repair technician.” Make sure you get descriptive and specific in your business’s profile too about what your business is about and what you’re looking for, because the more specific you are the higher the chances you’ll stand out from other competitors in your industry.

Get To Know The “Groups” Tab

The “Groups” section of LinkedIn is the place where people in a similar field, positions, and industries can gather and join together based on similar interests and roles. While it may not be the spot where you can find the applicant who’s got the best skills, it’s very useful to see what potential candidates on there are active members of their online communities. More often than not, these people are comfortable in leadership positions, so you know that reaching out to a technician through the “Groups” tab might put you in contact with someone who’s going to be a good team leader.

All you have to do is search for your desired industry or position and join that group. For a German auto repair/service business looking to hire a technician, searching and joining a “German Auto Technician” group should do the trick.


Not only will the “Groups” tab help put you into contact with potential future employees, but it’s also a great place to learn and share industry news. If you’re an active participant in online discussions in your group and have knowledge and experience to give, people are going to look at you as an authority on the subject and be even more willing to apply for a position under you in the future.

Navigating LinkedIn to find the right candidate isn’t hard, but luckily there are experts here to help you make the most out of your business’s online presence. Give some friendly experts a shout and get a complete overview of your Local SEO performance in minutes by contacting Outreach Digital Marketing today.

* LinkedIn image credit goes to: Prykhodov.

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