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Pay Per Click or PPC as it’s better known in the digital marketing business plays a key role in your German auto shop’s marketing efforts. It requires knowledge and strategy to see the best ROI for your limited budget. If you aren’t sure where to start, working with a PPC service can help you find your footing. Here we offer tips to help you choose a PPC service that understands the specific needs of your business.

How to Choose a PPC Service

How Will a PPC Agency Help?

PPC services provide a PPC strategy suited to your specific industry. They help you avoid wasted investment in the wrong type of PPC campaigns by setting you on the right path for higher ROI from your marketing spend. They should offer the following services:

Services Your PPC Agency Should Offer

  • Market research based on the German auto shop industry, the best keywords and your audience
  • Developing a research based PPC campaign
  • Designing a branded campaign with the right visual elements, copy and call to action (CTA) to attract the right audience
  • Landing page design
  • Campaign launches
  • Bid management
  • Tracking the performance of your campaign

While there are tons of PPC services out there, ideally you want a company with German auto shop experience that understands your audience better.

Filter Your Online PPC Agency Search

To get started you’ll want to create a shortlist of PPC services you’d like to interview. Filter your online search by including “German auto shop” to narrow down companies that have experience in your industry. You can then set up a consultation to find the right fit.

Review the Agency’s Services

This is the only way to discover companies that offer what you need. In this case, you probably need everything from research and strategy to every aspect of design. Next, you want to make sure they don’t focus too much on PPC for one channel. This limits your reach and might also have you targeting the wrong audience.

Last, they should also offer services beyond PPC because you really need a well-rounded marketing strategy specific to the needs of your industry. An SEO agency offers an opportunity to improve/expand your overall marketing strategies such as SEO, social, blogging and your website’s effectiveness.

What Do Their Fees Include?

You get what you pay for is true not only in your industry but also in digital marketing. An agency’s rates can vary drastically not only in price range, but what that price includes. Make sure you ask for a cost breakdown, so you don’t end up paying for expensive add-ons like copywriting, bidding services, or tracking. Agency representatives should be completely transparent when you ask questions about their costs and willingly offer a cost breakdown.

Some might have all-inclusive “packages” while others might provide a customized quote based on the services you request or expect. Their costs impact your PPC budget, which can add up quickly. So, understanding their fees and how much it leaves for your PPC spend is a major consideration when choosing the right PPC service. Cheap is never the best option, while over-the-top pricing can blow your entire marketing budget.

Do They Have German Auto Repair PPC Experience?

Your business is very specific. Working with a PPC service with expertise in your industry provides insights that will make a huge difference to your PPC ad success. Who is writing your ads? Do they understand your customers? Who is doing the research? Do they know what to look for in relation to the auto industry, and more specifically in the German auto industry related to repairs? Your audience is unique, so the expertise of your PPC agency so also be unique.

Pay Per Click Concept

Proof of Success

Although PPC services are very easy to find, not all get results. Proof of success helps you understand what your investment gets you when you work with the service. Case studies with actual numbers should include specific results such as:

  • Improvements to organic traffic
  • Google My Business traffic
  • Impressions for ads
  • Calls generated from ads
  • Ad conversion rates

These numbers speak to the PPC service’s abilities to increase traffic and conversions. Of course, actual numbers showing increased revenues are the ultimate proof of success, something not all PPC agencies can show you. Client testimonials, such as videos speaking to the level of service provided also give you a glimpse at what you can expect from a client service perspective. Case studies and testimonials provide proof the agency values its customers and helps them meet their goals for growth.

Whether you’re looking only for PPC services or are interested in a well-rounded marketing package, German Repair Shop Marketing is here to help.

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