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Auto shops are a dime a dozen. However, you know as well as your customers that German and European auto repair shops are not. You offer a very specialized service for a highly specialized target audience. As a result, you can’t depend on the same basic marketing techniques as domestic auto shops. Instead, you need a digital marketing strategy that focuses on the niche audience having trouble finding a German auto repair shop with the knowledge and experience you offer.

In other words, you need a digital marketing company that specializes in German and European auto repair shops. Here’s how GRM differs from the general automotive SEO agency you might have tried in the past.

Lacking Keyword Expertise

Today any marketing strategy begins with SEO expertise. Your service focuses on imported cars, so your keywords can’t be based on domestic keywords. Digital marketing companies tend to have their own philosophy on their approach to SEO which has worked for them in the past. However, they are applying that same method to your niche business and it just doesn’t work. The fact your customers drive a very limited selection of vehicles means your SEO needs a specific selection of keywords.

Because our team specializes in German and European auto shops, we know how to create a keyword and SEO strategy that works. While the competition tends to use about 25 generalized keywords, we will target up to 100 specialized keywords. We also leverage local SEO strategies by not only focusing on your immediate location but also surrounding cities to generate more website traffic, phone calls and new customers.

Poor Organic Rankings

It gets competitive to hit those organic rankings. Everyone is fighting for that top position, so drivers find them fast. However, again, if you go with a run of the mill social media or SEO marketing firm, they won’t understand the basics of getting your German and European shop top-ranking because they don’t know the correct sites to link to for organic rankings. Using a general automotive keyword and SEO strategy uses the wrong content. Your content will tend to be overly generalized, instead of looking at the things your type of customer worries about, loves or needs.

More importantly, we write unique content for each client so that your website, blog, or social postings won’t be overlooked by Google. Because the search engines recognize it as duplicate content, your content will be viewed as poor quality. We avoid penalization which can knock you not only down the rankings but right out of the rankings for poor quality or reused content.

Social Media Engagement

Considering 95% of our clients are German or European repair shops, we know a thing or two about your clientele and ideal target audience. That allows us to create engaging social media posts that resonate with your audience. We avoid basic car topics and instead look at the exact interests that mean something to your clients. It’s a different viewpoint that doesn’t get caught up in the basic keywords and topics other general auto shops use. In fact, we go beyond that and take the time to learn about your team, your approach and what makes you stand out from the competition. And by competition, we don’t just mean helping you stand out from the general auto shops in your area, but the auto shops that specialize in German and European makes and models.

Money Well Spent

We hate to keep bringing up keywords, but the problem with other digital marketing companies is that they waste time on general automotive keywords which just won’t see the same results. We take the time to research keywords that avoid spends on the highly competitive and therefore far more expensive keywords used too often. Our SEO strategy makes the most of your budget by making sure your shop shows up for the parts, services and makes and models you work on. Everything else is a waste of time and money.

Car Repair Shop Owner Tracking Digital Marketing Performance

Proof Our Strategy is Working

Our customized client live dashboard provides access to dynamic call tracking so you can see your digital marketing strategy in action. You can see what your SEO strategy and content is achieving by the:

  • Phone calls that come in
  • Form submissions from your website
  • Search traffic generated including which platform the traffic is coming from i.e. Google, Yelp, Facebook, or Yahoo

We also send you a monthly keyword ranking report and dashboard snapshot so you can see how our efforts are working based on month to month comparisons. Of course, the most obvious results are seen in the new customers you’ll start to see.

Tell us your unique needs! We will work to find the best solution for you.

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