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As a German auto repair shop owner, you know your success lies in establishing trust. Drivers don’t want to leave their “babies” with just anyone. They take time to find a repair shop that not only specializes in German auto repair but also has the technicians and expertise to deliver their vehicles to them in pristine condition. As a result, who you hire to provide that service is critical to your trust-building and company growth. Here we explain how SEO can help you with the hiring process to attract top talent.

Talent Can Find You

SEO is always key to people finding you, and that includes talent. Whether you are hiring someone or are interested in building a talent pool with resume submissions, online job searches are all driven by SEO. While local papers can still provide a resource for mechanics and technicians seeking work in their communities, online searches are still the go-to you need to target. You’ll attract more applicants and appear on more local searches for people seeking jobs at a repair shop.

Online Job Search

Job Listing Sites

People also use job listing sites when seeking employment. The right keywords in your job description can help qualified candidates find you, including ads run on job listing sites. Keywords are also used by recruitment sites to make their search engines more attractive to job seekers. To make sure you appear on the most popular job sites, do a search for the positions you are hiring, as well as auto shop positions to see which sites rank highest. These are the ideal sites to post your openings.


Keywords are at the heart of any search, which is why SEO is so important to hiring. You need to familiarize yourself with the keywords mechanics, and technicians are likely to use so you can optimize your ads for SEO. Some of the things people might search for include:

  • Auto mechanic jobs (location)
  • Auto shop jobs (location)
  • Auto technician jobs (location)
  • Fulltime mechanic jobs (location)
  • Parttime mechanic jobs (location)

Your job postings should contain specific job titles commonly used in the industry, as broader terms will attract the wrong applicants. As well, as you probably noticed, we included the location for ALL keywords. This is important because auto shop positions are always onsite, which means people are always seeking positions in a specific area. So local marketing is an absolute must when choosing your keywords.

Leverage Your Social Media

Social media is an important part of digital marketing as it expands your reach and creates conversations among your followers. You can tag your job posts, provide links in your feeds, and encourage sharing to help you find the right applicant quickly. Make all job site postings shareable through social media, and you’re sure to reach suitable talent.

How Can SEO Help Your German Auto Repair Shop With the Hiring Process

Use Your Website

Although you might feel your company is too small to have a career opportunity section because you are locally owned and operated and require a highly skilled team, a career section is always a no-brainer. Again, use keywords to attract job searches. Also, people actively seeking work will specifically search for local auto repair shops allowing you to create a talent pool of resumes.

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