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Working with German automobiles is a very niche market. This means you need the help of an SEO expert with experience in German vehicles to get you the traffic and revenue you need to be successful. Digital marketing trends are constantly shifting, and with 2020 being such a unique year, we know 2021 is going to bring some novel trends in web design and online advertising.

At German Repair Shop Marketing, we put the focus on your industry in a way other digital marketing agencies can’t. One of the ways we ensure our clients are getting the most from our services is by keeping you informed. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things you should know about the upcoming digital marketing trends in the new year.

1. A Whole New World of Automation

Along with social distancing and safety precautions of 2020 has come an increase in online advertising and digital marketing trends. This has forced many German auto businesses to take a second look at their current SEO goals and evaluate a less time consuming and costly method of managing online advertising. Automation is not a new concept, but our sources tell us that 2021 is going to be packed with new automation options for optimized lead management and consumer engagement.

Working with an online marketing agency, you can get in on the ground floor of these novel automation breakthroughs and incorporate them into your own 2021 strategy.

2. Make Your Social Media Shop-Ready

Online shopping has increased throughout 2020 as consumers make an effort to stay at home and stay safe. This has also increased the number of shoppable ads circulating on social media. Your German repair shop should already be working on developing a social media presence for brand awareness and customer engagement, but have you considered making your posts shoppable?

Shoppable posts allow the consumer to engage further than a simple like, comment, or share. Your customers can shop directly from your social media post, finding products or services which help them with their German vehicle from the comfort of home.

3. Keyword Optimization for Improved Snippet Representation

Snippets have become more than a useful search engine tool. They now trump the results page in number of clicks, even going so far as to overtake the top three search results in popularity. Why? The modern consumer is educated and wants to know what they are clicking before wasting their time on a link. For German auto repair shops, this means your snippet should not only be relevant and informative but use the best keywords to rank above other snippets in your industry.

Scouting your local competition for a current look at keyword popularity in German auto services will show you what your snippet needs to come in first. Your digital marketing agency will have additional ideas on how you can improve your snippet’s rank and readability.

4. Upgrade Your Online Status with a Vlog

YouTube has been gradually increasing in popularity since its arrival on the internet scene. What was once a virtual space for sharing personal videos is now also considered a major marketing tool. Businesses from all industries use YouTube to stream advertisements, vlog (video blog) posts, or interact and engage with customers. As a German auto shop, your business has a huge advantage in such a niche market share. Your videos will be easier to find than a general search for food or travel vlogs, making you accessible, and increasing your digital footprint.

If you haven’t already begun an adventure in streaming video, 2021 should be the year you begin. Building a profile is quick and affordable, and your online marketing agency can help you develop the skills and tools to manage your vlog without adding to the new year’s stress.

5. Geotarget Mobile Users in 2021

Finally, German auto shops are increasing their reach in 2021 by combining the accessibility of mobile search with the optimization of local search. Mobile geo-targeting allows you to pinpoint the traffic your site and social media platforms receive. This gives you the power to create a more streamlined and personal experience for your customers, thus improving traffic and ROI.

2021 Marketing Trends

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