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A German repair shop works with a unique class of automobiles and therefore requires a unique brand of SEO, including review management. With so many businesses taking to the internet, digital marketing is an essential part of building brand awareness to the masses. The reviews you collect from customers tell other potential customers who you are and why they should choose you.

At German Repair Shop Marketing, we work with many European car providers and garage owners. We understand the need for customization when developing a digital marketing strategy. Knowing this industry as well as we do, we also understand how important it is that you reach out to past and current customers for feedback.

Here, we will give you 5 reasons why review management for German repair shops is beneficial to your digital marketing efforts.

German Repair Shop Online Review Management System Reasons

1. The Modern Consumer Won’t Bother Buying Without Reading a Review

Online reviews aren’t a new concept, but they are becoming more essential to digital marketing than ever before. SEO statistics show us that customers are unlikely to bother buying from a company without reviews. In fact, younger generations of shoppers are 91% less likely to choose your garage without seeing reviews.

Reviews show vehicle owners that you have done good work in the past, that you’re not new to the German auto repair game, and that your customer service skills are top-notch.

2. Fake Reviews Could Land You in Trouble

Not only do consumers want to see reviews about your German repair shop, but they also want to know they’re genuine. In fact, research suggests that 62% of shoppers will go elsewhere rather than work with a company that has fake or doctored reviews.

Your customers aren’t the only ones who could ding you for faking feedback. Google has also been known to punish businesses with fraudulent ratings. This could take the form of being blocked from the Google search results, a low ranking on the results page, or other serious repercussions.

Working with a review management team, you can rest assured that all of the reviews on your site are genuine and that the positive outweigh any possible negative feedback.

3. How You Respond to Negative Reviews Impacts Your Business

Having a team of review management professionals in your corner reduces the risk of you responding to a rude comment or negative feedback with equal negativity. It is important that your German auto customers view you as calm, professional, and knowledgeable even when somebody says something you don’t like. It proves that you can work under pressure and that you are loyal to yourself and your customers.

An SEO management team can help you with review management, both positive and negative. Whether customers are singing your praises, or you need help determining the best answer to an annoyed customer, we can help. At Outreach Digital Marketing, we understand that sometimes you just need an outsider’s opinion to put it all back into perspective. We can act as your sounding board and offer advice on how to deal with any kind of comment you receive.

4. Be a Better Shop

When a customer writes a review, you should take it with a grain of salt. However, you should also read between the lines. Sometimes, the information your customers share online tells you what you can do better, or what you are already succeeding with. If most of your comments say your craftsmanship is awesome, but they wish your waiting room was bigger, maybe you need to work on creating a better space for your customers to await their finished product.

Review management helps you build a better German repair shop by determining what your customers like and don’t like.

5. Building Trust Among Your Customers

German auto repair is about longevity. You want to be the “go-to” mechanic for all the local German vehicle owners. Being in such a niche industry, it’s important that your customers think you do a good job, and that they believe they can trust you with their cars. This is what will keep them coming back, and keep them telling their friends in German auto groups and online forums that you are the best garage in town.

Online reviews prove to potential customers, and current customers that you are a legitimate German repair shop and that your work can be trusted. Building loyalty among your customer base will help with brand recognition and future customer engagement.

German Repair Shop Online Review Management

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