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Nothing is more frustrating for business owners than investing time and money in digital marketing and seeing little to no results. Generating leads for your German auto repair shop using Google AdWords should be successful. After all, it’s a tried and tested method for other types of businesses, isn’t it?

While the simple answer to this question is yes, you have to keep in mind that companies who do see success are doing everything right. Here we explain five reasons you might not be generating the leads you expected for your German auto repair shop.

5 Reasons You May Not be Generating Leads for Your German Auto Repair Shop

1. Your Website or Campaign Stinks

If you’re not getting clicks your campaign stinks. If you’re getting clicks but no leads, chances are it’s your website that stinks. It takes creative ingenuity to drive people to your website, engage them and get them to convert. If your campaigns are poorly executed or your website fails to provide the information prospects are expecting, the disconnect will fail to produce the leads you expect.

2. You’re Not Considering Relevancy

It is impossible to hit the mark if you don’t consider the relevancy of your ad campaigns. It isn’t enough to make an intriguing clickable ad. Your campaign needs to be relevant to your ideal target. This is the only way to generate qualified leads. A click is not enough because if the lead isn’t your ideal customer, they are worthless to you.

AdWords offers a Search Query Report so you can make sure the clicks generated are in response to the right types of search queries. Understanding the search terms used helps you understand user intent. A search query for German autos for example is useless to you, while a search for repair my German car, is more on the mark. The only way to remedy this issue is to use negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant or vague queries.

3. Your Website Lacks Landing Pages

Ad campaigns need strong, relevant landing pages to lead to conversions. If you send clicks through to a page that is too generic, prospects might be too lazy to search your site for the information they expected or need. If you use landing pages specific to the services advertised, then people trust you and feel more confident booking an appointment with you.

4. Your Website is Unprofessional or Outdated

If your website design is unprofessional or outdated people are going to assume your auto repair shop is too. You need to show people you are state of the art with a website that presents a professional image. Your website design can’t leave visitors feeling they landed on Cal’s Auto Repairs and Deli. In other words, it has to be absolutely clear you specialize in German Auto Repairs and offer the services they need. Your site needs:

  • Simple Navigation: How easy is it to browse your site and learn about your services?
  • Professional Website Design: Is your site modern and slick to represent the types of vehicles your customers drive?
  • Landing Pages: Are your ads using landing pages that are relevant to your services to build trust in your ability to repair German cars?
  • Calls To Action (CTA): Is it easy for visitors to make the next step to contact you or schedule an appointment?
  • Contact Details: Is it clear where you are located and how you can be reached?
  • Images: Can people see your repair shop and your expert team hard at work on German vehicles?
  • Price: Do people know how much you charge, and do the prices show the value of your services?

All of these details contribute to a professional website design optimized for conversions.

German Auto Repair Shop Lead Generation Tactic Finalization

5. You Aren’t Improving Your Tactics

If you aren’t seeing results but aren’t doing anything to improve, you’ll never get leads. Digital marketing makes it very easy to try A/B testing to optimize your campaigns, website and landing pages. Whether you try different headings, change up CTA’s, try different colors, or change the position of your contact information, A/B testing allows you to continuously adjust and improve your tactics until you start to see better results.

If you aren’t using landing pages, create them. If you aren’t seeing clicks use different images, CTA’s and headings for your ads. React to poor results by constantly changing your methods so you control your destiny and start to capture high-quality leads.

If any of these issues sound familiar, it could be time to seek professional advice from a digital marketing team that understands the German auto repair industry.

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