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Digital marketing is constantly evolving and this year video marketing has taken center stage. As an experienced online advertising company specializing in German auto shops, we understand this marketplace and the intricacies involved to succeed.

With the current climate creating an influx of digital advertising like never before, more and more businesses are turning to video production, causing video marketing to become a highly competitive field. Here, we will discuss 4 reasons you should consider video advertising as part of your German repair shop marketing campaign, and how it can help.

1. Video Spans Platforms

An attractive feature of video is that it is used across a variety of platforms and devices. Consumers are streaming from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and video game equipment. They are also accessing video from social media, websites, apps, and beyond. This makes video an accessible format to deliver your digital strategy for marketing German automotive sales or repair.

Video has become so commonplace that there is nowhere it is not appropriate to find video marketing. Whether your brand is renowned for luxury and class or relaxed down-to-earth mechanics, videos can tell your story and attract new clientele.

2. Seeing is Believing

The major reason so many consumers are looking for videos over blog content these days is because of the age-old adage, “seeing is believing”. Consumers want to know that they are being told the truth. Companies offering their shoppers transparency are rising above those with secret ad strategies. So, what can you do to get on board with this honest trend? Video advertising is a great way to lay it all out on the table for consumers while remaining strategic in your approach to digital marketing.

The content you create in your videos should be designed with an end goal in mind. Determine the desired outcome of your new video marketing campaign and arrange the content to fit that blueprint. People are more likely to view your brand as an authority if it is visibly noticeable in an ad.

3. Video Increases SEO Through User Visits

SEO follows a distinct pattern of algorithms, some of which are a mystery to those outside of the search engine industry. These algorithms tell Google, which businesses should rank highest among their peers. While there are multiple pieces of information to weigh in your ranking, one is the number of visits, and the length of each visit a consumer makes to your page.

One thing we know about video advertising vs. Verbal advertising is that you can strategically design a video to last a specific amount of time. This means that if your content is engaging, you know a customer will be on your site for at least the 3-minutes your video lasts. On the other side of things, a block of text may take one reader 1-minute to get through and another 30-seconds to finish.

For a digital strategy based on SEO, European repair shop marketing benefits from video and text over text alone.

4. More User Interactions Begin with Video

Have you ever looked at the comments section of a popular YouTube video? It is usually packed with comments, even more so than a popular blog. Why is this? Video is engaging. It draws in internet users, captivates them into watching and then encourages a response. People want to talk about what they have seen. Consumers want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Therefore, one of the best things you can do during video production is to invite your customers to comment. Whether you incite a response through a contest or design a digital strategy that simply asks them for opinions on your latest product or service, the outcome will be beneficial to your SEO online marketing campaign.

Another great social aspect of video is that it is extremely shareable. More shoppers are likely to share a unique or funny video with friends and social media users than they are to share a witty blog post. Of course, blogs still have their good points, including an advantage in other areas of SEO and search engine algorithms, but if you are looking to engage customers, video is the way to go.

Video Marketing

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